Akira: The game (2016) Android Movie Game *Xclusive*

Akira: The game (2016) Android Movie Game *Xclusive*

Name: Akira TheGame

Quality: APK

Size: 18 MB

Language: English

Genre: Action

Release: 2016

Story line
“Akira: The Game is the official game of the Bollywood
movie Akira starring Sonakshi Sinha. It is an arcade
street fighting game featuring one-on- one close
combat fight style with 3D animated life like
characters of Sonakshi Sinha as well as other
characters from the movie. Akira the Game, is a
fighting game where the player controls an on-screen
character and engages in a 1 on 1 close combat with
an opponent. Players must master techniques such
as attacking, blocking, counter-attacking, chaining
together sequences of attacks known as combos,
special attacks which include the combination of
aerial and grapple, and applying finishing moves.
It features all our favorite real life fight moves as well
as combos and finisher moves. Hit the taps and
swipes at the right time to execute these special
moves and inflict maximum damage on the

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