Gosaipur Sargaram (1996) Feluda 30 DvDRip 480p

Gosaipur Sargaram (1996) Feluda 30 480p DVDRip

Name: Feluda 30 Gosaipur Sargaram

Print: DvDRip 480p

Size: 324 MB

Language: Bangla

Genre: TV Movie | Mystery | Thriller
Release: 1996

Story line
” Feluda is called to Gosaipur by Jiban
Mallick, the son of the local Zamindar
Shyamlal Mallick to investigate a threat of
his father’s life. Everyone in the village
knows that father and the son are at
loggerheads. Shyamlal is also an eccentric
who eschews anything modern. Then,
instead of Syamlal, his son Jiban Mallick is
killed and the wealth of Mallick’s looted.
Oddly though, the dead body of Jiban
Mallick vanishes, only to reappear again.
Feluda works this out with a mixture of
investigating skills and deception. ”

DvDRip 480p

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